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Off the Eatin’ Path was born out of sales meetings. Our Discover DeKalb Sales Team started meeting for lunch at different DeKalb County restaurants every week. Each week was a different and unique spot, and was always delicious. This sparked the interest of Barry Stepe, Discover DeKalb’s Marketing Manager. Barry started blogging about these unique restaurants to introduce visitors to dining options when visiting our county.  Sarah Steadman is our newest blogger and is now keeping us informed about all the awesome dining around town. Our objective is to highlight some of the unique gems that are found throughout DeKalb. If you would like to suggest a restaurant to be considered for inclusion, please email sarah@discoverdekalb.com.

The word is out about our food scene. And no one here is really surprised at the reaction. Our chefs and bartenders are constantly pushing the envelope and challenging the traditional definition of dining, and these efforts are not going unrecognized. With awards like Best Bartender in the Southeast, Best Bar in the Nation, and Best Food City in America, it’s not hard to believe that DeKalb’s culinary culture is the emerging tour de force in the Southeast.

Located just east of Downtown Atlanta, DeKalb’s hidden gems are gaining national, and in some cases, even global recognition. Whether you are driving down Buford Highway’s International Corridor searching for that perfect bowl of ramen, walking down the lamp-lit sidewalks of Downtown Decatur, or finding an elusive pop-up from an up-and-coming chef, you are guaranteed to find a dish you won’t forget, and one that won’t be duplicated anywhere else.

Eating here isn’t just a meal. It’s an experience. Get inspired & come hungry.

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