Desta Ethiopian Kitchen: A Tapestry of Inviting Flavors


Fish Tibs, Lamb and Tibs and Injera from Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen is known as one of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the Atlanta area and has received overwhelmingly rave reviews on Yelp. I haven’t had Ethiopian food for quite awhile, so I was more than ready to give this restaurant a try.

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen – Downstairs Dining Area

Located off Briarcliff, near Clairmont Road, the restaurant is easily accessible off I-85 and is tucked away in a large shopping center with a couple of other Ethiopian restaurants nearby. The inside dining area is very casual and simple with numerous awards adorning the walls. The wooden tables are close together and intimate. I heard from friends that it gets very busy during the weekends when they open up the upstairs dining room as well. There is a small patio at the entrance adjacent to a large covered bar area, which looked very inviting for a breezy summer evening.

Individual entrees are served on a large plate. The traditional method of eating Ethiopian food is with your fingers. The best method is with Injera, which is a yeast-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture, perfect for soaking up all the delicious juices. Dishes are usually served on communal plates, where everyone joins in. Utensils are also provided for those who prefer to go the traditional American route.

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen – Outside Patio

Signature entrees include Lamb and Tibs, Filet Mignon, Fish Tibs, Biret Mitad Tib, Ribeye Tibs, Chicken Tibs, among others. (Tibs are sautéed meat and vegetables) Sandwiches include Lamb, Chicken, Veggie, Beef and Fish. There are also Pasta and Vegetarian items on the menu.

I ordered the Lamb and Tibs, which came with rolls of Injera, traditionally made out of teff flour and a national dish in Ethiopia. It was perfect for scooping up the delicious lamb and other mouth-watering vegetables and meat sauce. I added a green sauce that reminded me of Wasabi and it made the dish a bit more spicy and even tastier. Each bite brought an unexpected delight at the tapestry of flavors contained in one dish.

One of our team members was leery about trying Ethiopian food for the first time. He needed a little encouragement to join me. However, he was very surprised when he tasted the Fish Tibs with Grilled Tilapia. The minute he took his first bite, his eyes lit up and he exclaimed, “Wow, this is good!” I tried the fish also and it was cooked perfectly, a little crispy and bursting with incredible flavors.

In fact, all of the food was so good, we laughed about the fact that we just couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful the food was. Not only was all the food delicious, the portions were very generous and we both walked out completely full. Sometimes you have to sacrifice amazing food with smaller portions, but that is not the case with Desta Ethopian Kitchen. The food here is amazing… really amazing. Come try it for yourself!

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen is located at 3086 Briarcliff Rd. NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30329. For more information, visit or call 404-929-0011

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