Off the Eatin’ Path Spends the Morning at Ratio Bakeshop


Ratio Bakeshop PastriesI love food.

Let me rephrase that… I love good food. A lot of food lovers like to throw around the term “foodie” when they talk about enjoying new, trendy restaurants that are popping up throughout the city. While I don’t want to wear the foodie badge, one of my favorite hobbies is searching for that next great meal. Little did I know my next delicious endeavor would share a parking lot with my condo.

Recently, I read an article in the AJC about “speakeasy” bakeries popping up around DeKalb. These bakeries have already received a loyal following through local farmers markets, festivals and other events, and now they are opening shops around Atlanta. One of these bakeries is Ratio Bakeshop in Downtown Decatur.

Being a resident of Downtown Decatur, I thought I had made a pass through every restaurant and bakery the square had to offer. Once I read that there was a speakeasy bakery hidden just off the square I got excited. I was even more thrilled, and shocked, when I realized that this bakery was literally next-door from my home.

Ratio Bakeshop in Downtown Decatur | Discover DeKalbLocated in the Commerce Plaza right off of Ponce De Leon, walking into the building gives you the feeling of going to a doctor’s appointment. Getting on the elevator with men in suits and ties definitely added to that corporate feeling. But instead of going up, we go down to the Terrace Level. Turning the corner takes you out of the corporate building and into an inviting and comfortable bakeshop. The coffee brown walls with pink and red accents gives the bakery a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Behind a sheet of glass, sitting on platters and wooden boards, is the vast array of pastries, bars, quiches, bagels, cookies and every other mouthwatering breakfast treat you can imagine. After getting the rundown, I had to go with their best seller, a croissant stuffed with pimento cheese and topped with bacon. And since I bypassed coffee at home, I went with a large coffee.

After biting into the croissant, it’s no surprise that Ratio Bakeshop has a perfect score on Yelp. I’m a sucker for savory croissants and this one is top notch. Perfectly crispy and flakey, the pimento cheese warm and creamy and fat slices of crispy bacon sitting on top. There is no doubt this croissant was made with love.

The coffee is also worth mentioning. Ratio’s coffee is supplied by Rev Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop and roaster in Smyrna, Ga. They keep their coffee rotating, offering several different types. This morning, they offered their House Ratio Blend and Chiapas, a single origin, washed coffee from Mexico.

Now that I know Ratio Bakeshop is next door, I will definitely be a regular. Chris Flores, the owner of Ratio, has a love and passion for quality that will gain him, and his speakeasy bakery, notoriety in the Atlanta food scene.

Ratio Bakeshop is located at 755 Commerce Drive, T-100 in Downtown Decatur. Phone: 404-500-4456

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