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El Rey Del Taco – Authentic Mexican


El Rey Del Taco, a hidden gem of a place is in an unsuspecting strip mall off Buford Highway and inside lies the best tacos you’ll ever experience! Buford Highway is home to many diverse eateries up and down the 6-mile stretch of shopping malls and establishments featuring many nations and cultures.

At El Rey Del Taco you find yourself wanting to order a variety of things because they specialize in so many offerings. They have a great menu of flavorful authentic eats with quick service. Our recommendation is to bring a group, and everyone share and try the unique tacos, the cheesy quesadillas, the loaded nachos, and much more.

To start, order the Chorizo Fundito Dip as an appetizer for an authentic experience. Skip the liquid queso in favor of this melted cheese dish covered with flavorful chorizo and grilled jalapenos. This dish is served with homemade corn tortillas as you are intended to assemble like a taco- a delicious cheese dip of a taco. When it arrives to the table, scoop some cheese with chorizo, top it with the grilled jalapeno. Order some guacamole to scoop on top.  If you are feeling adventurous top with the homemade hot sauces! The Mild is a creamy green hot sauce and Hot is a smoky red sauce, both delicious and flavorful. Every table is served with a bowl of limes so go crazy spritzing with the lime juice and finally ENJOY. You’ll never order regular queso again!

For the main event, we recommend some of the unique tacos with exciting meat options like cow’s cheek, tongue, chitlins, goat, and pork stomach as well as some trusty classic tacos. We went for the Barbacoa (the goat taco) and added traditional favorites like Al Pastor (pork Boston butt and steak), and Asada (grilled chuck steak). Insiders Tip, skip the flour tortillas in favor of the small corn tortillas. The homemade corn tortillas here are absolutely one of a kind and the authentic way to experience the tacos and quesadillas. Quesadillas with similar fillings are a great way to go. They are smaller than flour tortilla quesadillas so we recommend trying them as you would a plate of tacos!

Overall, we sal El Rey Del Taco is a must try! We can’t wait for you to experience it and let us know what you had!

Insiders Tip: Corn over flour tortillas

Must order: Fundito Dip

Heads up: Check your check, the tip is included automatically! Makes it easier on them and you!


El Rey Del Taco

5288 Buford Hwy NE, Doraville, GA 30340

(770) 986-0032



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