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EAV Elder Tree Public House

I love going to East Atlanta Village. Over the past year or so, I’ve found myself going more and more for concerts at The Earl, or grabbing a late night bite to eat at Octopus Bar. Everything in EAV has a different vibe than anywhere else in DeKalb, or even Metro Atlanta for that matter. Its alternative, edgy style gives the entire neighborhood a unique sense of community and draws a large, diverse crowd every weekend.

What would be considered common in any other city stands out as unique and original in East Atlanta Village. It’s a sports bar. If you go to any other area of DeKalb or Atlanta, you will find plenty of chain sports bars with hundreds of TVs showing everything from baseball to cricket. When you go to EAV looking for sports, you find Elder Tree Public House.

Elder Tree Red Devil BurgerElder Tree Public House isn’t your typical sports bar. It is an Irish pub that prides itself on being authentic in both food and atmosphere. Sticking to their traditional roots, the main sport shown at Elder Tree Public House is soccer. With soccer fandom growing throughout the country, and having our own Atlanta Silverbacks right here in DeKalb, it is the perfect pub to meet fellow fans and enjoy the game. Elder Tree shows every Atlanta Silverbacks away game, and every other game throughout the week all season long.

After catching a break from the rain, Barry and I decided to head to EAV to snap a few pictures for our EAV spotlight page and find some lunch. After looking at our options, we landed on Elder Tree Pub. Before then, my only experience at Elder Tree was a quick nightcap after a show at The Earl. I was excited to get the full experience and take my time to enjoy my meal.

We ate lunch pretty early, so the place was quiet and just getting into the swing of things for the day. The atmosphere is that of a traditional pub. It’s dimly lit, furnished in dark wood, and soccer shirts and scarves line the walls and the bar. While the place was a bit empty while we were there, the pub has plenty of room for game days inside and on the patio.

The menu is traditional, or riffs on traditional, Irish food. Each dish is named after a different soccer team, and after trying a couple of their sandwiches, I can guarantee they are all delicious. The menu has a slight variation from lunch to dinner. Sandwiches, burgers and a few entrees are on the lunch menu, while the dinner menu has a much more lengthy option of entrées and appetizers.

Elder Tree Pub CottagerI order The Red Devil Burger (named after Manchester United). The burger came with onions, Irish cheddar, and a garlic hot sauce that might just take the place of my Sriracha obsession. It’s amazing how much variation a burger can have from restaurant to restaurant. And the burger at Elder Tree is definitely a standout in Metro Atlanta. And you definitely want to put the ketchup away when it comes to their pub fries. The bar imports a sauce from Europe that will make you rethink your condiment choices.

Barry’s dish, The Cottager, is the Elder Tree’s riff on a French dip sandwich. A shredded braised leg of lamb, Irish cheddar, horseradish, and truffle salt on a baguette with a side of lamb jus. And it is just as delicious as it sounds. The quality of the food, and the time put into each dish, goes above and beyond your standard sports bars and easily noticeable with your first bite.

Elder Tree Public House is a gem in East Atlanta Village because it is a unique sports bar in a neighborhood that prides itself on being different. Come sit on the patio and enjoy a delicious sandwich for lunch, or come out to catch out Atlanta Silverbacks and enjoy a few drinks with friends.

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