Lunch at The Pinewood Tippling Room


Pinewood Burger in DecaturIt’s already a well-known fact that Downtown Decatur is home to some of the best restaurants in Metro Atlanta. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or celebrating a romantic anniversary, you will find award-winning food at every turn. One of these restaurants has become a personal favorite since moving to Downtown Decatur two years ago. The Pinewood Tippling Room sits on the corner of West Ponce and Ponce De Leon Place and has a very warm and welcoming aura before you even walk in the door.

When I first moved to Decatur I was excited about being walking distance from so many restaurants and bars that have gained national recognition for their craft. After spending time in several different establishments, I kept hearing about The Pinewood Tippling Room from bartenders, servers and hosts. Once I sat at the bar, I was hooked. I became a regular and was always looking forward to the new additions that were always hitting the menu.

Recently, The Pinewood announced they would be opening for lunch. They had already cemented their name as a dinner and craft cocktail restaurant, and now sought to expand their menu to offer a lighter, but filling, lunch dishes. Once I found out that lunch was being offered, I knew that it had to be next stop for Off the Eatin’ Path.

We walked in right as The Pinewood opened for lunch. It was quiet and the gentleman behind the bar was polishing glasses and getting ready for the anticipated rush. The menu was short and to the point. It offered several sandwiches, burgers and salads with an array of fresh sides.

We start with an order of grit tots as an appetizer and order a catfish sandwich and the Pinewood cheeseburger. I’m a sucker for a catfish sandwich. If it’s on a restaurant’s menu, there is a 95% chance that I’m ordering it. And it was delicious. The grit tots were incredibly satisfying. Served in a funnel with kabob skewers, they were a great alternative to traditional fries.

But that burger.

Best Burger in AtlantaThe Pinewood burger is hands down one of the best burgers in the city. The attention to each ingredient brings out a flavor and texture that can’t be matched. The most exciting part about the burger, it’s offered for dinner as well!

We left as the lunch rush really started setting in. There is no doubt that these guys are going to become just as popular for their lunch as they already are for their dinner and beverages. The Pinewood’s personal touch on familiar dishes and classic cocktails make it a memorable experience for special occasions or a Friday night. The atmosphere is warm and cozy and the staff is some of the best people in the service industry. The Pinewood Tippling Room is stacking up awards for their food and their cocktails. It’s a spot in Decatur that you don’t want to miss.

As a side note, The Pinewood guys run one of the best restaurant Instagram accounts in the city. Follow them and keep up with new dishes, cocktails and industry shenanigans.


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