Petite Auberge: Atlanta’s Original French Restaurant



Petite Auberge’s Spacious and Inviting Dining Room

Petite Auberge introduced Atlanta to a whole new world of international and continental classics when the Gropp family opened their doors in 1974. Nestled away in a quiet corner of the Toco Hill Center, Atlanta’s original French restaurant provides a sophisticated ambiance with an international flair.

Anthony and Michael Gropp – Co-Owners

The restaurant speaks of old world elegance with chandeliers, extra large booths and spacious adjoining rooms.

They have recently introduced a tasting area at the entrance for their new Boutique, where ultra premium Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars can be sampled and purchased in three different sizes, carefully bottled for home cooking use.

On a recent visit, Michael Gropp, Co-Owner, exuberantly explained the varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and how they have brought an evolution to their signature dishes, offering healthier choices with distinct tastes for their customers.

Sipping each like a fine glass of vintage wine, I was able to distinguish some of the delicate flavors and rich offerings. He assured me that many restaurants would be adopting these rich oils for use in their dishes in the near future.

Petite Auberge offers 30 varieties of flavored and infused olive oils and vinegars

Michael led me through a select tasting from their collection of approximately 30 varieties of flavored and infused olive oils and vinegars that can be tasted, custom blended, bottled and sold to patrons to take home to cook with or give away as gifts.

Oil flavors range from garlic and cranberry walnut to blood orange, while vinegar options include chocolate, raspberry and even peach flavored tastes.

The oils and vinegars are mostly Italian and include some North African and California varieties as well. I sincerely recommended tasting some of these wonderful flavors and discovering the prefect taste to add for use in your own home cooking.

After trying some of their new olive oils and vinegars, I savored a few samples of the restaurant’s offerings infused with the new oil flavorings prepared by Anthony Gropp, Michael’s brother and Co-Owner. I began with their tasty Tuscan Chicken Skewers, which were perfectly blended with Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Skewers were accompanied by plate of Italian Butter Mix of Italian Organic Extra Virgin Oil with fresh, chopped herbs for dipping with bread.

I also tasted a few of the Carese Canape with extra fresh tomatoes and cheese presented on a crusty baguette with Organic Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I finished with the Chocolate Crepe Praline and Strawberries Ramanoff, which were a delicious and refreshing goodness, topped with Raspberry Port Wine Sauce.

Petite Auberge’s Tuscan Chicken Skewers

Petite Auberge features a la carte lunch menu that includes entrees such as Veal “Viennese Style,” Grilled Filet Mignon, Filet of Mountain Trout “Almondine” and Grilled Filet of Salmon. Their expanded dinner menu includes favorites such as Coquillies St. Jacques, Beef Wellington and Bouillabaisse a la Maison (A fennel and saffron flavored Bouilon with lobster tail, mussels and fresh catch seafood). There are also some traditional German style dishes such as the Bavarian Platter and Wiener Schnitzel offered as well.

For a special “Dinner with a Diva” evening, the restaurant offers a monthly three-course meal with wine featuring performances from a vocalist from the Capitol City Opera Company.

If you’re seeking a quiet, elegant evening or stylish lunch, Petite Auberge offers a blending of sophistication, excellent service and delicious cuisine for formal dining or any special occasion.

Petite Auberge is located at the Toco Hill Shopping Center at 2935 North Druids Hills Rd., Atlanta, GA 30329. For more information, call 404-634-6268, or visit

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