Top Five Hidden Food Treasures in Atlanta’s DeKalb


Top 5 Hidden Treasures in DeKalb

It’s not news that Atlanta’s DeKalb is known for its dining spots. Dozens of restaurants in DeKalb County have won several awards for having some of the best food in Atlanta, and many of those have gone on to receive national recognition. While all of these restaurants are great for date nights, some of these restaurants are not your typical Friday night dinner spot. They are tucked away inside other restaurants and only pop up a few nights a week. From speakeasy’s to late (late) night bars, here is a list of our top 5 hidden food treasures in Atlanta’s Dekalb.


Gato Arigato Candler Park1)   Gato Arigato – Gato Bizco, a small, mid-morning brunch spot in Candler Park, serves up delicious omelets and southern-style breakfast sides throughout the week. What a lot of people may not know is that Gato Bizco takes on a Japanese persona several nights throughout the week. The omelets are traded in for fresh and unique ramen, and the traditionally southern sides are swapped for okonomiyaki and gyoza.  Gato Arigato is BYOB, so walk over to Candler Park Market and pick up a bottle of wine or a 6-pack of your favorite craft beer.


Eat Me Speak Me2)   Eat Me Speak Me – Eat Me, Speak Me is as close to a prohibition era- style experience that you can find in Atlanta’s DeKalb. Show up to Gato Bizco or The General Muir (according to which day you go) and the chef will hand you a slip of paper with an address and a password. Once you are there, you will find a local guest bartender serving their own craft cocktail riffs. When you come back and settle in for dinner, you are met with an ever-changing menu of fresh, locally sourced, and seasonal ingredients. Chef Jarrett Stieber’s menu never gets too comfortable and keeps the menu as fresh as his dishes.


Octopus Bar3)   Octopus Bar – Prepare for a late night and come hungry. While Octopus Bar may not be your traditional pop-up, it is absolutely worthy of this list. Octopus Bar is not new. It’s possible that you have heard of it but have no idea where it is or what it serves. That’s because Octopus Bar doesn’t even open until 10:30pm. With an constantly changing, seasonal menu, this small bar tucked into EAV is guaranteed to make you stay up well past your bedtime. Be careful, they are open throughout the workweek.



Victory Sandwich Bar

4)   Sunday Night’s at Victory Sandwich Bar – Since it’s move from Inman Park, Victory Sandwich Bar hasn’t skipped a beat serving up their famous sandwiches, and even more famous Jack & Coke Slushies. Now located in Downtown Decatur, Victory is perfect for a quick lunch or a late night on the weekend. On Sunday nights, Victory Sandwich Bar host local chefs from other Atlanta restaurants and let them do their magic. The chef creates one menu item that is always off menu, always delicious, and entirely their own.




Jimmy's Hot Chicken5)   Jimmy’s Hot Chicken – A tip of the hat to a Nashville staple, Jimmy’s Hot Chicken brings the spicy bird to the ATL.  Gato Bizco, home to several pop ups, opens up Monday nights to the aroma of hot chicken. Jimmy’s Hot Chicken isn’t for the weak. This is by no means a formal occasion. Dress down and bring WetNaps.

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